Launching her Own Firm, GV’s Youngest Partner Enters the Realm of Entrepreneurship


Former GV partner Terri Burns is starting her own venture capital company, Type Capital, to embark on a new chapter in her career.

According to the sources, the business will cut pre-seed and seed-sized checks in order to concentrate on early-stage entrepreneurs. She is still in the early phases of expanding her company and hasn’t made any investments yet. She declined to provide any information about her ambitions or the fund’s size, but she did confirm that her new company had been launched.

The opening of Type Capital is a noteworthy achievement since it introduces Terri Burns to the exclusive club of black women who run their own venture capital firms. The accomplishment highlights Burns’ incredible path in the venture capital business, which started when she joined GV in 2017. She created history in 2020 as the youngest and first black female partner in the firm when she was 26 years old.

Terri Burns started out as an assistant product manager at Twitter. Later, as a Kauffman Fellow, she joined the computer science department at NYU. She became the youngest member of the university’s board of trustees when she was elected in 2021.

During her tenure at GV, Terri Burns played a significant role in numerous beneficial investments the company made. Interestingly, she managed the finances of HAGS, a social media network. She established herself as an experienced consumer influencer with her participation in the well-known Partiful, which has now raised over $20 million in funding from investors, including a16z.

She co-founded a collective that has invested in at least 11 companies, including Clubhouse, in addition to being an angel investor. Her goal is to identify promising startups and utilize her extensive network to assist them in locating further opportunities.

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