Rotary International President Stephanie A. Urchick Inaugurated Global Healthcare Vision & Impact

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Stephanie A. Urchick has been involved with Rotary for 33 years, initially joining for fellowship but finding profound purpose in the organization’s service initiatives. As the CEO of BW Healthcareworld and BW Wellbeing World, and the Rotary International President (2024-25), Stephanie offers deep insights into Rotary’s transformative journey and its impactful global healthcare initiatives.

Stephanie’s association with Rotary has seen her in various significant roles, including directorships, Foundation trustee positions, and leadership in strategic planning committees, all of which have contributed to Rotary’s expansive global reach. Discussing Rotary’s global influence, Stephanie highlighted how Rotary balances local and global priorities. “Locally, Rotary Clubs assess community needs and tailor initiatives accordingly. Globally, projects like polio eradication transcend borders, showcasing Rotary’s adaptability in addressing diverse challenges,” she emphasized.

Regarding Rotary’s healthcare efforts, Stephanie focused on the ongoing polio eradication campaign. “Our robust infrastructure supports vaccination programs worldwide, laying the groundwork for addressing diseases like Ebola and COVID-19. Rotary’s commitment to a polio-free world underscores our dedication to global health,” she stated. She also noted, “Recent cases in New York City and London reaffirm the importance of sustained efforts until the wild poliovirus is eradicated globally. The threat remains until we achieve complete eradication, and Rotary remains steadfast in its vaccination programs to achieve this goal.”

Stephanie emphasized Rotary’s proactive approach to public health, namely the Programs of Scale project. “We sponsor large-scale projects like combating cervical cancer in Egypt, which demonstrate our commitment to disease prevention and healthcare access,” she noted. Addressing healthcare disparities in India, she emphasized local adaptation, “In a diverse country like India, Rotary empowers local clubs to identify and address specific healthcare needs. Lessons learnt are shared to increase the impact across regions,” she explained.

Looking ahead, Stephanie expressed her vision of Rotary’s effect, particularly in India. “We seek for long-term change by developing adaptive action plans that are suited to regional needs.
Engaging India’s young and building CSR collaborations are critical for extending Rotary’s influence,” she envisioned.

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