The Founder of The Honey Pot is Set to Be the Keynote Speaker at a Summit for ‘New Majority’ Entrepreneurs     

The Honey Pot

The co-founder of the women’s wellness brand The Honey Pot Company will be the main speaker at The Founder to CEO Summit on May 29 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The event is being hosted by Wells Fargo and 1863 Ventures, a nationwide non-profit accelerator and venture capital fund managed by black entrepreneurs.

The one-day conference is designed with the “new majority” of entrepreneurs in mind, those who have traditionally been disregarded and undervalued. “The fastest-growing segment of entrepreneurs comes from the ‘new majority,’ and knowing that, it is only right that we help them turn into successful CEOs,” said 1863 Ventures Founder Melissa Bradley.

The session will feature business training, a fireside talk with Bea Dixon, founder of The Honey Pot, an Atlanta-based feminine care firm that Compass Diversified Holdings purchased in January for $380 million, and a panel discussion with founders and leaders in finance.

Following the acquisition, The Honey Pot boasted approximately 30,000 retail outlets nationwide, such as CVS, Target, and Walgreens. Dixon, who stayed on as chief innovation officer and CEO of the business. The strategic decision aligns with The Honey Pot’s commitment to fostering innovation while leveraging Dixon’s expertise to further propel the brand’s success within the competitive retail environment.

Other speakers at the event include Bradley from 1863, Christopher Gray, the founder of Scholly, an app that helps graduates pay off student debt and obtain scholarships for college, and angel investor Shalanda Armstrong, managing partner of 100KM Ventures.

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