Vicky Papa, New CEO of Astrica Asserts on Women-led Businesses

Vicky Papa
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‘We’re not trying to do everything and be a jack of all trades. There’s so much growth and so much opportunity with ServiceNow now. And even in the past few years, when I wasn’t fully focused on ServiceNow, I lived in that world. Literally, I found that I kept turning my clients to ServiceNow,’ Astrica CEO Vicky Papa tells enthusiastically.

Since its establishment just two years ago, Boston-based solution provider Astrica has already undergone two significant transformations: becoming a ServiceNow-focused partner and transitioning into a women-led business. Now, it has appointed Vicky Papa as its new CEO.

In an exclusive discussion with CRN, Papa expressed her full support for Astrica’s decision to concentrate exclusively on services within the ServiceNow ecosystem. She highlighted the notable advancements in ServiceNow’s product roadmap over the past few years, emphasizing the platform’s evolution and expansion into industry-specific solutions and integration with artificial intelligence (AI).

Papa’s extensive background in custom software and AI is seen as a valuable asset for Astrica. She emphasized the opportunity to leverage specific tools to streamline workflow processes, ultimately delivering enhanced efficiency and cost savings to clients.

“With our expertise, we can optimize workflows, leveraging tailored tools to accelerate processes and deliver superior outcomes for our clients,” Papa explained.

Papa emphasized that Astrica’s decision to become a women-led company offers unique opportunities not typically available to other solution providers. She highlighted the importance of diversity in technology, noting that it enhances product quality, particularly when catering to various user personas in employee or customer-facing workflows.

“Technology has long been dominated by men, but being part of a company that prioritizes diversity and inclusion is truly rewarding,” Papa stated.

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