Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce Honours Regional Businesswomen

Regional Businesswomen
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The April luncheon hosted by the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce celebrated the narratives of local businesswomen through a panel discussion featuring Leah Oslin, owner of Wildwood Design Co., and Lisa Carsrud, owner of Payroll Vault and Absolute PCA. Led by IEDC President Tamara Lowney and Gabby Jerulle from the Herald Review, the conversation delved into various aspects of entrepreneurship, including the challenges of starting a business, balancing motherhood and management, the significance of a supportive network, the inevitable setbacks, and the dedicated effort required for business success.

Lowney kickstarted the dialogue with uplifting remarks about the community and the unsung women who contributed to the event’s organization, emphasizing, “This has been an inspiration that’s grown out of many women within this room.” Jerulle echoed this sentiment, highlighting the abundance of untapped potential among women with innovative ideas, affirming, “there’s space for that and we can all support each other.”

Oslin shared her journey, influenced by her Christian upbringing, where faith permeates every aspect of her endeavors. Trained in marketing, she transitioned to sales and later assumed roles in family life and community service. Drawing inspiration from her father, a seasoned entrepreneur, Oslin recalled his empowering words that instilled confidence in her capabilities, irrespective of gender biases in male-dominated industries.

Embarking on her entrepreneurial venture with Wildwood Design Co., Oslin humorously noted the impeccable timing, coinciding with the birth of her sixth child. Despite the challenges, she embraced the opportunity wholeheartedly, fueled by her familial legacy in construction. Transitioning to full-time entrepreneurship in 2021, Oslin witnessed significant growth in her business, underscoring the importance of perseverance, continuous learning, and humility in pursuit of one’s dreams.

Inspirational and pragmatic, Oslin encouraged aspiring women entrepreneurs to embrace the juggling act of balancing various roles, emphasizing the necessity of hard work, adaptability, and a humble attitude on the path to success.

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